Flag Retirement Ceremony


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Date: Monday, September 11, 2023
Time: 7:00PM


The U.S. Flag Retirement Ceremony is open to public view and is conducted in a quiet and dignified manner by those who love and cherish all for which it stands.

If you have a U.S. Flag that is no longer serviceable you are invited to deposit it in the flag box located at Leeds Town Hall, starting next week. Please note, that although we accept all worn U.S. Flags eligible for retirement, we can only retire flags made from cloth, all plastic flags must be retired at a location that is environmentally safe.

We welcome all citizens who wish to be part of the Flag Retirement to join us for the Ceremony. Ice cream & pie will be served after the ceremony.

This gesture is a way of saying thank you to our veterans who have given all, including the law enforcement, firefighters and emergency service members.

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