December 21, 2022 By

Town of Leeds

Ordinance No. 2022-09

A Resolution Adopting the Town of Leeds Fees and Charges for  2023

for Residential Waste Services

WHEREAS the Town of Leeds (“Town”) is a member of the Washington County Solid Waste District “District” who provides municipal solid waste services for Washington County and the Town of Leeds; and

Whereas, District has increased the fees charged to member entities beginning in January 2023; and

Whereas, Town has considered the financial impact of that increase upon the Town’s budget and the impact to residents if the Town increased its fees; and

WHEREAS Town during its council meeting on December 14, 2022 conducted extensive discussion and received some input from residents of the Town; and

Whereas, the Solid Waste Disposal Fees and Charges for January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 have been reviewed by staff and are shown in “Exhibit A”; and

Whereas, the Town Council has reviewed, discussed, and considered the proposed the solid waste disposal fees and charges and the reasons for the proposed increase.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Town Council of the Town of Leeds, as follows:

  1. The Town hereby adopts the fees and charges as shown in “Exhibit A”, effective January 1, 2023.
  2. Any amendment or modifications to the now adopted revised fees and charges must be approved by the Town.
  3. This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon passage.

Passed and Adopted this fourteenth day of December, 2022.

Town of Leeds


Bill Hoster, Mayor


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Danielle StirlingYea _____ Nay _____
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Stephen WilsonYea _____ Nay _____
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      Aseneth Steed, Town Recorder

Deposited in the office of the City Recorder this Fifteenth day of December 2022.

Recorded this Fifteenth day of December 2022.

Exhibit A

Proposed Fees & Charges

  • Residential Collection Fees (billed quarterly):
    • Standard Trash Collection Fee per month, per can: $14.75
      • Quarterly rate: $44.25
    • BlueCanÔ Collection Fee per month, per can: $6.84
      • Quarterly rate: $20.52