Resolution 2019-02 Election Services

July 20, 2022 By

Town of Leeds

Resolution No. 2019-02

A Resolution Approving An Agreement for Election Services with Washington County for 2019 Municipal Elections

Whereas, during 2019, Municipal Elections will be conducted within the Town of Leeds (“Leeds”); and

Whereas, the City Recorder has recommended that the municipal election be conducted by election officials of Washington County (“the County”) and that such elections be conducted as set forth in the attached Interlocal Agreement; and

Whereas, the County has the expertise and election equipment to provide such services at a cost equal to or less than Leeds may be able to conduct the election; and

Whereas, the County has proposed an Interlocal Agreement to provide said election services;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Town of Leeds Council that the Mayor is authorized to execute the Interlocal Agreement with Washington County providing for the conducting of the 2019 Municipal Elections within the City as set forth in Exhibit “A” attached hereto.

Passed and Approved this ___ day of May, 2019.

Town of Leeds Council


Wayne Peterson, Mayor

[Seal] Voting:

Mayor: Wayne Peterson Yea    Nay ___

Councilman: Alan Roberts Yea      Nay ___

Councilman: Danielle Stirling Yea      Nay ___

Councilman: Elliott Sheltman Yea      Nay ___

Councilman: Nate Blake Yea     Nay ___



Peggy Rosebush, Clerk/Recorder