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Town of Leeds

Town Council Meeting for

June 27, 2018

1. Call to Order:

Mayor Peterson called to order the regular meeting of the Leeds Town Council at 7:01pm on June 27, 2018 at Leeds Town Hall, 218 N Main.














2. Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Peterson

3. Declaration of Abstentions or Conflicts: None.

4. Approval of Agenda:

Councilmember Stirling moved to approve tonight’s agenda and meeting minutes of June 13, 2018. 2nd by Councilmember Sheltman.

Councilmember Sheltman indicated he was not at the June 13th meeting.

Mayor Peterson ok, we can defer the minutes until the July 11th meeting. I would ask if it is permissible for an Amendment to just approve tonight’s agenda.

Motion passed in a Roll Call Vote.
















5. Citizen Comments:

Angela Rohr, on the issue with Scott Messel, I would like to know if he will just be an alternate to Bob, or a replacement. Then on the first issue, a 15 foot utility easement, it looks like on the map it was where we talked about it originally, like a long time ago, and I think we voted on that at one point, and then, an issue came up for another location, and I don’t remember if we voted on that one, or if it was approved.

Mayor Peterson, it was approved and there has been a delay that developed with regards to getting the BLM approval. The applicant has requested that we reconsider the other one for utility only.

Angela Rohr, my concern is if the one tonight was approved, you would have two places with approval for Mr. Sant.

Mayor Peterson, this would be a second application for utility only, the other application is for utility and road. Jumping a little bit ahead because the question has been asked, what is being proposed is a temporary utility line through there, and then when the other one is granted, the utility would be moved to be with the road in the original location that was put forward.

Mayor Peterson and Angela discussed the original location of the easement.

Darryl Lewis, indicated he has been a resident of Leeds for 3 years now and has attended about 95% of the planning meetings and even spent some of that time on the Commission. He stated that he became dismayed by the prevailing view that unless you can find some compelling reason for denying a request from a property owner, it should be granted and it does not have to be in the best interest of the Town, or conform to the General Plan. When he was originally introduced to the Planner, he was an advisor to the Planning Commission. It was not long before he was partially criticized by the Planner for holding up requests that the planner thought was a good idea. He became aware to him that to the Planner if it is good for St George it is good for Leeds.

Darryl Lewis continued to discuss it and gave some background information that he had on the new applicant for the Town Planner.

6. Announcements:

Mayor Peterson announced the following event:

a. 4th of July breakfast at the Town Park at 8:00am and fireworks at 10:00pm.

7. Public Hearings:

Craig Hall the Town Attorney was phoned into the meeting at 7:11pm.

8. Action Items:

a. Discussion and possible action on 15 foot utility easement for Silver Point Estates

Rick Sant indicated they have been trying to figure out how to get a water line since the last meeting when he asked for an easement that was granted and turned into BLM; however, he had a meeting with the BLM last month, and they have asked for some additional studies to be done. The SILTA property and the BLM will have to join in and do an impact study that would take two years to complete. So he is trying to figure out how to get the water line for phase one. What he is proposing, and he realizes Town Council is not in favor of it because of the worry about a road going in there, is that they would be allowed to put in a water line there so they would have a complete water loop. Then when we have the other easement approved, they would move the line to it. He is requesting that the Town apply for an easement in that area for the water line.

Councilmember Sheltman, my understanding is that LDWA is requiring that you meet State Standards for proper flow and pressure at the fire hydrants, is that the reason you have to have that loop?

Rick Sant, that is what I understand. We had a meeting with the LDWA Engineer about two years ago, Karl Rasmussen, and he went through and explained that he had done a study of the water system for LDWA and determined in order to have proper flow for the fire hydrants in the higher locations that we needed to have a looped water line. That is why it was required that we do this on our first phase instead of the second phase, which was the original requirement. We are just trying to meet the requirement from LDWA.

Councilmember Sheltman, you said that was two years ago?

Rick Sant, yes, about two years ago.

Councilmember Sheltman, have you presented this to the LDWA board?

Rick Sant, everything that has been presented to Crosby, he has agreed to an easement. We moved the location for him so he would be okay with it. SITLA told me as soon as they do the study, they would grant the easement.

Councilmember Sheltman, my question is, have you presented these drawing showing them where you want this water line? Have you shown them this drawing where the line will be replaced in a couple of years?

Rick Sant no I have not, I don’t know that would make any difference to them. We are still going to do exactly what we told them we are going to be doing by building a road that is 66 feet wide with utilities in the right-of-way. I don’t know that they would care one way or the other that we have a waterline going through our property, through BLM and up to Silver Reef Road.

Councilmember Sheltman, I am not sure if they would either, but you might want to bring them into it and find out if they want to run a line in that location and replace it at another date.

Rick Sant, I guess I don’t understand, what do you mean?

Councilmember Sheltman, you are representing that LDWA has stipulations that you have to follow and I don’t see any stipulations on this. In other words, I don’t see anything that says “yes we are in favor of this”, because if I approve this, as a Councilmember, and I later find out that LDWA has a problem with this, then what am I supposed to do.

Rick Sant, what difference does it make that the easement is 15 foot wide.

Commissioner Shelman, I don’t know what difference it would make, it hasn’t been presented to the board and brought to the public, meaning the LDWA water board. At least that is my understanding.

Rick Sant, that is correct. I will call them.

Mayor Peterson, would you prefer to do that before we take any action on Town Council?

Rick Sant, yes, is there any other points I should be researching and working on to bring to the next Council?

Councilmembers had no other comments.

b. Scott Messel contract for Town Planner

Mayor Peterson, indicated at this point we do not have a final contract with Scott. He emailed me yesterday with some questions that I am going to be forwarding to our attorney. We have had a couple of other people who had showed interest, however, they are looking for something more on a full time basis. This person would do it in the evening and he currently works for Washington County in the unincorporated area. It would be on a permanent basis, Bob has expressed that he wants to retire. We could have him come to a council meeting.

Councilmember Stirling, is there a requirement that we have to have a Town Planner?

Mayor Peterson, there is no requirement to have a Town Planner, but there are requirements that are above and beyond our Ordinances that need to be followed. Many of our Ordinances refer to other codes that are out there. So, I think if we did not have someone with experience in the area, we would be at a disadvantage. I would ask our Attorney, Craig Hall, if he could respond to the idea of the necessity of that, and whether other communities have gone without somebody in the roll of a planner.

Criag Hall, I am not familiar with anyone who does not have a Planner, at least by title, because there is a planning code 1098 that has references to planners all over the place. So it would be problematic to just not have a planner.

Councilmember Sheltman, just going with public comment, Bob was the Planner for St. George correct?

Mayor Peterson, correct and he also did work for Ivins, I believe Santa Clara, at least one of those two.

Councilmember Sheltman, part of what I think, I would disagree with a lot of the points he would make on Planning, and also the Council, I am not sure his ideas were always wrong, but I think a lot of the problem we had were based on the fact that he was think of a planner for a big City, not a rural small Town. We are never going to get a planner who lives here, but it might be helpful if they have an understanding of who lives here instead of St. George. Another issue is at the peak of the last bubble in 2007, we had 18 housing permits that were pulled. This is now the biggest housing bubble and we are doing about 1 or 2 homes per year. A planner would be helpful, but maybe we could see about using one less than we did before. I also know that with volunteers it is difficult to research things and do a lot of your own footwork, but again, getting back to the idea of people on the board, and on the Planning Commission who actually live here and understand the Town might be more helpful instead of getting information and direction on certain things that are presented before us to vote on. Maybe we should work a little harder on the issues that we cover.

Councilmember Sheltman continued to discuss it.

Mayor Peterson would there be an interest in him coming to a work session to discuss these things with him? I would like to highlight that he does work for the unincorporated area for Washington County with his planning right now, that might be as close to a small Town as you get.

Councilmembers agreed to have Scott come to a work session.

Councilmember Stirling, stated she has to leave the meeting, in about two minutes.

Mayor Peterson, ok we will skip to item 8d then.

c. Discussion and possible action on Town Treasurer


d. Discussion and possible action on Bonanza Road Culvert and Shoulder Repair

Mayor Peterson, indicated there is some erosion on the culvert; however, we are not looking to do the work in the summer, so the item can be deferred to another meeting.

Councilmember Stirling left the meeting at 7:34pm.

Mayor Peterson meeting adjourned due to no quorum.

9. Discussion Items:

a. Nuisance Ordinance


10. Citizen Comments:

11. Staff Reports:

12. Closed Meeting:

13. Adjournment:

Mayor Peterson adjourned the meeting.

Time: 7:35pm.

APPROVED ON THIS _____________DAY OF __________________________, 2018


Mayor, Wayne Peterson



Kristi Barker, Clerk/Recorder