2022.10.26 TC MTG AGENDA-amended

October 25, 2022 By

Town of Leeds

 Agenda – amended

Town of Leeds Town Council

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Town of Leeds Town Council will hold a PUBLIC MEETING on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at 7:00 pm. The Town Council will meet in the Leeds Town Hall located at 218 N Main, Leeds, Utah.

Regular Meeting 7:00pm

  1. Call to Order/Roll Call
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Declaration of Abstentions or Conflicts
  4. Consent Agenda:

       a.  Tonight’s Agenda

      b.   Meeting Minutes of September 14, 2022

      5.   Citizen Comments: No action may be taken on a matter raised under this agenda item. (Three minutes per person).

6.   Announcements:                  

a. Leeds Halloween Chili Cook-Off, Saturday October 29, 3pm-6pm

b. Trunk or Treat, Monday, October 31, 5pm alone Babylon Mills Road

c. Election Day November 8, 2022. Ballots mailed Oct. 18; Ballot box located at Townhall

d. Resignation of Councilmember Hunsaker due to health concerns

e. Candidate interviews and selection November 9, 2022 Town Council Meeting

f. Petition for Annexation Public Hearing date set for  November 9, 2022

7.   Public Hearings: None

8.   Action Items:

                  a. Action regarding appointing  Angela Rohr as Leeds representative for DTAC Meetings

b. Action regarding  request for Silver Eagle extension in behalf of Mountain West  


c. Action regarding Ordinance 2022-06, Petition for Annexation

9. Discussion Items:

a. Fiscal Year 2023 first quarter budget review

b. Discussion regarding potential CIB grant Project

10. Citizen Comments: No action may be taken on a matter raised under this agenda item. (Three minutes per person).

11. Staff Reports:

12. Closed Meeting- A Closed Meeting may be held for any item identified under Utah Code section 52-4-205.

13. Adjournment

                        The Town of Leeds will make reasonable accommodations for persons needing assistance to participate in this public meeting.  Persons requesting                       assistance are asked to call the Leeds Town Hall at 879-2447 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.             

                        The Town of Leeds is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

                        Certificate of Posting;

The undersigned Clerk/Recorder does hereby certify that the above notice was posted October 25 , 2022 atthese public places being at Leeds Town Hall, Leeds Post Office, the Utah Public Meeting Notice website http://pmn.utah.gov, and the Town of Leeds website www.leedstown.org.


Aseneth Steed, Clerk/Recorder